Welcome to the website for the Pine Lake 2010 Charter Review.  If this is your first time here, I suggest reading Welcome and Purpose and How to Comment before going any further.

Consider this site a draft and an experiment.  Tell me what is confusing, clear, what you still need to know.  If you have skills that can help improve the site – let me know (like why on earth isn’t there an option to have a link to a “home” page somewhere prominent so you can get back to the main post page?).  If I waited until it were perfect, you’d never see it.  So here we go.

Elisabeth Shields (aka plcharterreview)
Pine Lake Charter Review facilitation team member and webmaster
August 17, 2010


5 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. William Cotter Says:

    Excellent start. Thanks for not waiting for perfection. What is the old saying? Perfect is the enemy of the good.

  2. Gayle Austin Says:

    Great job, Elisabeth! I’ve been wanting to learn WordPress myself and I think I’m interested in the concept mapping software, too. I’ve got business today, but will get on it before Saturday and let you know. BTW, the “home” button is the title “Pine Lake Charter Review 2010” at the top of the page (don’t ask me why I know that). I look forward to working on this with you and the gang. Gayle

    • plcharterreview Says:

      Gayle –
      Thanks for pointing out that you can click on the title, “Pine Lake Charter Review,” to go back to the “home” page, which is the list of posts. Obviously, I didn’t figure that out.

      Welcome to Gayle and Bill – since I can see your posts, I know the approval system works.


  3. William Cotter Says:

    What an odd document! Does every ordinance passed by city council become part of the charter? Like weighing down the U.S. Constitution with every law passed by Congress. When I read the part where Pine Lake is prohibiting “adult” businesses by describing in pornographic detail exactly what is being prohibited, I wonder if maybe a lawyer advised that be included.

  4. plcharterreview Says:


    What’s at Municode comes in two parts. Part I is the charter, and Part II, the ordinances. By the time you’re down to prohibiting adult businesses, you are well into ordinances, as I recall. And yes, the city attorney looks at all ordinances.

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