Anyone willing to learn knowledge mapping tools?

Is anyone willing to learn to use a dialog mapping tool called Compendium?  Dialog mapping is a tool for investigating areas which are both technically and socially complex (that is, where people have different perspectives and even different definitions of the words used).  They help keep track of and organize problem solving when there are numerous meetings attended by different people.  The maps are computer based, and the visual nature (kind of like mind maps) help keep material organized in a different way from text.

The particular tool I have in mind is free and open-source, and I have used it before.  It’s called Compendium; it’s been around for about 20 years and has been used by government agencies (NASA) and nonprofit organizations in their planning processes.  Development is mainly based at Open University in the UK.

I am not looking for someone to learn this in time for the kick-off meetings, but would like to know if anyone is interested enough to help develop maps to document our discussions – help keep people on the same page, keep us connected to important resources, etc,.

You can learn more about it here:

Compendium Institute (learn about it and download it)

Wicked Problems & Social Complexity Introduction to the theory (not very academic – pretty practical)
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Elisabeth Shields
August 17, 2010


2 Responses to “Anyone willing to learn knowledge mapping tools?”

  1. Valetta Anderson Says:

    If you’ve not yet gotten a volunteer for the Compendium part of this project, Elisabeth, I’d love to learn the software. Any idea how many hours we’re talking about… not to learn the software but to complete this part of the project?


  2. plcharterreview Says:

    You are the second person interested. I suggest the three of us talk. It’s hard to estimate, because we don’t yet know how many issues people will want to take up.


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