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This will be the place to come for the most, and most current, information about the charter review.  While other Pine Lake websites and discussion groups address many topics, this website is dedicated to the charter review only.

Here you will find meeting schedules, agendas, accounts of meetings, and discussions (and this is probably not an exhaustive list).  Public meetings are the most basic forums in the process, because some Pine Lake citizens are either not online at all or choose not to be online in their personal lives.  However, we recognize that many people can’t get to meetings, either.

This interactive website is the city’s first experiment in trying to add a systematic online dimension.  The people responsible for making it work are volunteers; no paid city staff are contributing to this.  Please keep in mind that we have regular jobs, and we are working this out together.  Other cities and organizations have provided models, but Pine Lake is far smaller and has far fewer financial resources than any of them that I (Elisabeth Shields, aka plcharterreview) know of.

There may be times when I will need to correct information in a post.  I’ll try to spell-check and proof read before posting, but sometimes urgency will no doubt overcome prudence.  If I do edit, I will use strikeouts and otherwise show the changes so that it will  be clear what has changed.  It’s more efficient to make minor corrections this way than to publish separate posts to correct.  Preserving the original is transparent and I hope will show that the intent in making a change is not to deceive.

We will also keep posts fairly short and on a single topic so that comments can also be kept to a single topic.  That should create a more focused discussion.

Please let me know right away what you find confusing.  I want suggestions of what you would like to see here – though for the present I am the only administrator and writer for the site.  If you suggest something, I might ask if you can draft it for us.

Elisabeth Shields, plcharterreview
August 16, 2010


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