Charter Review Resolution




Resolution Establishing a Charter Review Plan

WHEREAS, the each municipality within the State of Georgia is governed by its Charter as approved by the Georgia State Legislature; and

WHEREAS, the City’s Charter establishes the framework by which the municipality will be governed; and

WHEREAS, from time to time as City’s evolve it becomes necessary to review its Charter to determine if it best meets the needs of the City, and complies with all current laws as may have been changed since its passage; and

WHEREAS, the City of Pine Lake is desirous of a review of the current City Charter;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Mayor and Council of the City of Pine Lake do hereby adopt the attached schedule, and process for review of the current City Charter.

SO RESOLVED, this ____  day of __________________, 2010.


Greg Zarus, Mayor


Kathie deNobriga, Mayor Pro-Tem


Greg Creech, Council Member

Signatures continued on next page
Resolution # R-11-10

Charter Review Plan


Bitsy Pitts, Council Member


Cindy Diamond, Council Member


Melanie Hammet, Council Member



Valerie Caldwell, City Clerk

Schedule and Process for Review of Town Charter

Process Coordinators: Elisabeth Shields, Kathie deNobriga and volunteers to be determined

Schedule & Process

07/27/10         Council Review and Approve Resolution

Greg Creech – Put Pine Lake’s Charter on Website and link to GMA Model Charter

Valerie Caldwell – Place all necessary legal ads in the Champion Newspaper

Town Hall at Beach House

Saturday, 08/07/10

Share Charter review process with citizens at Town Hall meeting

What is a Charter and why do we want to change it?

  • How to access the current charter and model charter.
  • What have Council members already identified as issues?
  • Ask for volunteers to help manage the process; i.e., publicity, notes, outreach, etc.

Monday, 08/09/10  – Elisabeth collect suggestions for changes for Council Work Session

Two Public Meetings at Court House

Saturday        08/21/10         Gather input

Thursday       08/26/10         Gather input

(Volunteer scribes will be needed for these two meetings)

Goal: Identify issues of concern and create Discovery Teams

  • Form of Government
  • Alternate forms of Government
  • Removal Process

Discovery Teams” – small working groups comprised of 3-4 individuals to take each issue, thoroughly review and research the options; assess the strengths and weaknesses of each option; consider impact on the City.

08/27 – 08/29 – Coordinators form Discovery Teams (volunteers from two public meetings

Two Public Meetings at Court House

Thursday, 09/23/10 – Present Findings

Saturday,  09/25/10 –

Goal – Hear in depth reports from each Discovery Team about various options on each issue.  Discussion and possible consensus about recommendations?

Monday, 10/11/10 Council Work Session – Discuss findings, begin consensus on recommended changes

10/11/10 – 10/26/10 Summarize Council discussion; draft ordinance; determine points of major disagreement

Tuesday, 10/26/10 Council Work Session – Review proposed changes; discuss draft ordinance


Monday, 11/08/10 Council Meeting

Town Hall

Saturday, 11/11/10 – Report to Citizens


Monday, 12/13/10 Council Meeting

Begin process of introduction to State Legislature


2 Responses to “Charter Review Resolution”

  1. Dennis Rotch Says:

    There seems to be something missing. Where is the Committee. When does it meet? Who is on the committee?

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