Process for Charter Review

This is the fast track.  Some issues may require more study.

Schedule and Process for Review of Town Charter

Process Coordinators: Elisabeth Shields, Kathie deNobriga and Karen Bernheimer
Schedule & Process

07/27/10         Council Review and Approve Resolution

Greg Creech – Put Pine Lake’s Charter on Website and link to GMA Model Charter

Valerie Caldwell – Place all necessary legal ads in the Champion Newspaper
Town Hall at Beach House

Saturday, 08/07/10

Share Charter review process with citizens at Town Hall meeting

  • What is a Charter and why do we want to change it?
  • How to access the current charter and model charter.
  • What have Council members already identified as issues?
  • Ask for volunteers to help manage the process; i.e., publicity, notes, outreach, etc.

Monday, 08/09/10  through 08/20/2010 – Elisabeth will collect suggestions for changes for Council Work Session
Two Public Meetings at Court House

Saturday        08/21/10         Gather input
Thursday       08/26/10         Gather input

(Volunteer scribes will be needed for these two meetings)

Goal: Identify issues of concern and create Discovery Teams

  • Form of Government
  • Alternate forms of Government
  • Removal Process

Discovery Teams” – small working groups comprised of 3-4 individuals to take each issue, thoroughly review and research the options; assess the strengths and weaknesses of each option; consider impact on the City.

08/27 – 08/29 – Coordinators form Discovery Teams (volunteers from two public meetings
Two Public Meetings at Court House

Thursday, 09/23/10 – Present Findings

Saturday,  09/25/10 –

Goal – Hear in depth reports from each Discovery Team about various options on each issue.  Discussion and possible consensus about recommendations?

Monday, 10/11/10 Council Work Session – Discuss findings, begin consensus on recommended changes

10/11/10 – 10/26/10 Summarize Council discussion; draft ordinance; determine points of major disagreement

Tuesday, 10/26/10 Council Work Session – Review proposed changes; discuss draft ordinance


Monday, 11/08/10 Council Meeting

Town Hall

Saturday, 11/11/10 – Report to Citizens


Monday, 12/13/10 Council Meeting

January 2011 – Begin process of introduction to State Legislature, if needed

After approval by legislature, begin process of approval by U.S. Department of Justice, if needed


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